Exercise on Application Software


a)   What kind of application software can be used to produce a customer invoice?

b)  Explain the meaning of the term “mail merge” and state one example of when it is useful.

c)   Name one application software that can be used as a teaching tool.

d)  What is the purpose of a search engine?


Companies need to input raw data into their computer systems so that they can process it digitally.

a)   Name the category of application software that collects, manages and analyses large sets of data.

b)  Define the terms Verification and Validation.

c)   Give an example of each of the above.

d)  With reference to the transaction file and master file, briefly describe how the file update is carried out.


a)   Give two examples of computer use in the following areas:

i)    Communication

ii)   Education

iii) Home

iv) Travel

b)  Mention three potential risks of the Internet.

c)   Give two disadvantages (other than needing a computer) of using email.


Identify the application software you would use to do the following:

a)   Building a website

b)  Writing a letter

c)   Putting together a slide show for an audience

d)  Calculate a company’s balance

e)   Creating a magazine