Exercise on Combined Topics


For each of the following statements write True or False

The speed of the CPU is measured in Gigabytes.


A word processor can be used to create a document.


A mouse, a printer and a touch pad are all input devices.


Main memory is used to store programs while being executed.


Two characteristics of computers are accuracy of results and consistency.


Formatting a disk will not delete any data on a disk.




Employees in an office use computers for a long periods of time.

a)   Describe one health problem which can be caused by such use.

b)  Describe one way in which this might be prevented.

c)   The employees print a lot of copies of the same documents. Give two reasons why they should use a laser printer rather than an inkjet printer.


Explain the difference between data and information.


Write short notes on the following:

a)   Hard disk seek time

b)  NTFS vs FAT

c)   Impact and non-impact printers

d)  Resolution

e)   Vector and raster drawings

f)    Hard copy and soft copy